Faith Based Investment Approach

Posted on February 14, 2023 in: General News

Faith Based Investment Approach



Overall, we are active investment managers focused on risk awareness and
management. We emphasize a disciplined investment management process and
foster a team-based portfolio management environment.


Knights of Columbus Asset Advisors, LLC (KoCAA), a New Haven-based asset management and investment firm, with more than $24 billion assets under management, announced today that it has entered into an agreement to purchase the assets related to the institutional management business of Boston Advisors, LLC.

Fixed Income Investment Process

We approach fixed-income investing by first evaluating the relative attractiveness of various fixed-income sectors. We are conscious of the underlying sector weights of the benchmark, but sector weights are the residual of security selection. Within our process, the fixed-income market is broken into two segments — corporate credit and structured credit — with specific evaluation variables for each area of the market. We do not believe there is a high probability of generating long-term out performance by using interest rate management as a primary investment tactic. Therefore, we do not attempt to anticipate interest rates. Instead, our focus is on top-down sector allocation and bottom-up security selection. Our fixed income team is comprised of the same team of portfolio managers, credit analysts and traders that manage fixed-income assets for the Knights of Columbus

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