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Council Message April 2023

Posted on March 28, 2023 in: Council News

Council Message April 2023

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Council Meeting Message April 2023

Easter greetings! As we roll through the first full month of spring we celebrate Easter with thoughts of gratitude for the gift of new life. The Resurrection and thoughts of our Savior’s sacrifice and triumph over death are fresh in our minds and hearts. The dreariness of winter and Lent fade away with April rains that seem to have their own scent. All nature seems in bloom. Trees barren not long ago are now budding and flowers begin to poke through the warming soil. For many, it’s their favorite season of the year.

Along with everything else going on in April, it is also Autism Awareness month. The Autism Speaks website ( contains much more information that I can give you here. Autism has been more widely discussed and better understood in recent years. Although the TV show “The Good Doctor” portrays a doctor who has autism, those with Autism Spectrum Disorder exhibit a broad range of characteristics. Many have much less functionality than the doctor portrayed on the show. I mention this because many of us know of someone who is on this autism spectrum. If diagnosed early in childhood and intervention begun, those with autism may still live a relatively normal life. However, many with autism struggle and have other complicating medical or psychological issues and need much support during their lives.

That’s where the Knights of Columbus Family Fraternal Benefits may be able to help. The Family Fraternal Benefits cover a number of situations. One benefit addresses the child who is older than 60 days and younger than 18 and is uninsurable according to our ordinary underwriting practices. Many children with autism as a primary or secondary diagnosis fall into this category…uninsurable. For those children, the Order has a special family fraternal benefit that allows the issuing of an ordinary permanent life insurance policy on this uninsurable child. Some members may be unaware of this benefit, but it’s great news for any parent with a child who does not qualify for life insurance. There are some other qualifiers for the parents and any other children in the family, including that the father must be a member in good standing in his council. I won’t go into the others here, but this is a very worthwhile benefit, not only for those children with autism, but for any child who may be uninsurable.

If you know of a Catholic family that may have a child with autism or any family with a child who is uninsurable, please reach out to me. They may be unaware of this benefit. I will be happy to contact them explain this valuable protection that is available. If you prefer, give my name and contact information to that parent so they can contact me at their convenience. As always, there is never any requirement to purchase any product, but a consultation about this benefit may bring them some small comfort.
As always, thank you for the opportunity to serve you, my members.

Enjoy your spring!
Vivat Jesus!

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