Sponsorship Highlight! Christ in the City

Posted on May 12, 2023 in: General News

Sponsorship Highlight! Christ in the City

The Wheaton Agency was blessed to support Christ in the City at their April 14th and May 12th showing of their documentary, on the Big Screen, at Regal Cinema Theaters!  Article in Denver Catholic below:


New Christ in the City documentary a powerful reminder that the homeless are human

By Denver Catholic Staff

What does hope sound like? What does it look like?

According to five homeless and formerly homeless Denverites, it looks like a group of “kids” approaching and it sounds like “hello.”

“They come out and they know everybody’s names; they remember what everybody’s ‘thing’ is,” shared Trish, a friend of Christ in the City. “Some of the stodgiest, crankiest, most irritating guys on the streets get all kinds of lit up when the Christ in the City kids come around. You have no idea how huge that is. There are lives being saved because somebody remembered somebody’s name, because one of the kids remembered somebody’s name at the right time on the right day.”  Read Full Article



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