Montana Newsletter - May

Posted on June 01, 2021 in: Montana Newsletter

Montana Newsletter - May

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From the State Deputy

If you missed watching the 2021 Montana Knights of Columbus State Convention, you can find the videos at our YouTube channel. Just search for Montana Knights of Columbus and you should find each segment available to watch along with other features. In my address to the state and my charge to all Montana Knights I outlined the following:
Looking back upon the last year I see three troubling trends:

  • Low turnout of new membership
  • Increased inactivity by current members and
  • A leadership gap; many men are not stepping up into leadership positions

I thought maybe inspiration was part of the problem and I noted what points of inspiration for me where and why I am active in the Knights. Including the desperate needs of our own Catholic Institutions.

I then listed some state activities done this year that should inspire men as they are activities that strengthen our faith and “make hell tremble in fear”. Such as our Marches for Life and providing funds for ultra sound machines for pregnancy care centers in Helena and Miles City.

My charge to all Knights is:

  • Find new men to join the knights
  • Re-inspire current membership to be more active
  • Find, train, develop and motivate new leaders

And all of the above can meet at the breach in the wall of our society, church and humanity and fill it with the light of Christ and push that wall into the darkness of the culture of death. Get FOUND at the wall with the Montana Knights of Columbus!-Dan Hallsten, State Deputy

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