Knights Call - July 2021

Posted on July 16, 2021 in: Colorado Knights Call

Knights Call - July 2021

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Brothers, I am excited to serve you as the Colorado State Deputy for this next fraternal year.

For those of you that do not know me, here is a little of my background. I graduated from the University of Colorado with a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering and ran my own Chemical Company for 15 years. I sold that business in 2018, which has given me more time to volunteer for the Catholic Church, the Knights of Columbus, and Special Olympics. My wife, Colleen, and I have three children. When not serving the Church, the Knights and my family, I enjoy golfing with other men.

This year I have three main goals for Colorado. First, we need to reinspire our membership. The Covid- 19 pandemic has left us stagnant. We need to get out and be active. Remember why you joined the order in the first place. Second, we need to bring Catholics back to church. Our churches have been empty or near empty for the last 18 months. The dispensation for Sunday Mass has been lifted, and it is time to attend Mass in person. Third, we must grow the order.

I am proud to be a man, proud to be Catholic, proud to be a member of the Knights of Columbus. Are you? If so, prove it, go out and share God’s love. Bring some energy and enthusiasm to your councils. People want to be around happy and inspired individuals. If you are not currently inspired, then start small. Try simple acts of charity. Hold the door for more than one person or buy a cup of coffee for the person behind you in line. See how spreading a little love can change your heart and maybe the world.

Notice how the Knights (as a band of brothers working together, sharing the load) are able to love God and Neighbor in a stronger and more fruitful love than many of us men can do alone – Knights helping brother knights and together helping our parishes, our families, our Neighbors. That stronger and more fruitful love is the greatest reason for being a Knight. That is why I have chosen our motto for this year from 1st Corinthians, “…the greatest of these is love.”

In WWII, many U.S. plane squadrons had a motivating truth for every squadron member, “Do your best. Others are depending on you.” As Knights, we each need to do our best in our Catholic duty to love others, as Christ has loved us. Others (God, the Church, our family members, brother Knights, etc.) are depending on us.

This year we are going to grow the order by first spreading our faith. With help from Chris Stefanik in August, we are promoting for Colorado parishes a RISE 30-day challenge for Catholic men (starts Sept. 8th). We are also having a Parish Prayer Card Initiative, as a second program to encourage Catholic men to join the Knights of Columbus. Both programs are offered at no cost to our councils or participants which includes everyone in the parish. They are free. The State Council is picking up the costs. Let us get out there and help our priests to build men of prayer in our parishes. If we live out our faith, then others will be drawn to join the order. For more details on these programs and others that will help you reinvigorate your councils, please read the accompanying State Membership Coordinator’s Message and the State Program Coordinator’s Message.

Vivat Jesus,
Jon Herskovits
Colorado State Deputy

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