Cowboy Bulletin June 2022

Posted on June 14, 2022 in: Wyoming Cowboy Bulletin

Cowboy Bulletin June 2022


Faith in Action - Community Programs

A Higher Purpose
Put your faith into action and help people who are less fortunate in your community. In the spirit of our
founder, Blessed Michael J. McGivney, councils lead efforts to assist those most in need. Guidelines for
this program are broad and can include forming partnerships with local aid organizations or independently
planning unique activities.

The Helping Hands Program is designed to recognize the important work many councils already do to
care for the most disadvantaged members of our communities – the homeless, people who suffer from
addiction, the elderly who may feel isolated and abandoned, and many others. Through this program,
councils will aid the needy through the activities they feel best suit their community, such as serving at or
running a soup kitchen, repairing the facilities of a local service organization or something entirely unique.
The requirements for this program are very broad in order to allow councils to serve their community in
whatever way is most needed. ...

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