Knights Call - August 2021

Posted on August 30, 2021 in: Colorado Knights Call

Knights Call - August 2021

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“Do all you can, leave the rest to God.” These simple words were the motto of Sister Blandina. Last month I had the great honor of attending the dedication of a new garden for her in Trinidad near Holy Trinity Catholic Church. She was born in Italy in 1850, and when she was 4 years old moved to Ohio. At the age of 16, she joined the Sisters of Charity. A few years later she was sent as a missionary to Trinidad. The story goes that she thought she was being sent to the Caribbean. Nope, it was to the wild west. This was not an ideal place for a young lady. In the 1800’s Colorado was filled with snow and cowboys. The area was known for lynch mobs and outlaws. She is known for facing Billy the Kid and his gang. She taught against the use of lynch mobs and encouraged law and order. Sister Blandina brought her Catholic faith to Colorado and started the first school in Trinidad. This little lady was able to change the hearts of an entire town with her kindness and courage. Read her inspiring “journal” book At the End of the Santa Fe Trail.

As I drive around the state visiting councils, I have found that some communities are rebounding differently than others. There are a few areas that never shut down completely and are barely opening back up. Attendance at Mass can be as low as 20% of precovid numbers. I encourage all councils to utilize Supremes’ Covid Recovery Program. This step-by-step guide will walk you through the actions needed to get back to work.

Are we doing all we can as Knights of Columbus? It is time to step up and lead our communities out of the Covid slump. We have wonderful programs like the Coats for Kids, Wheelchair initiative, Ultrasound Initiative, Silver Rose, the RISE retreat, and Special Olympics -- which are fantastic ways to share our faith with others.

God calls each of us to take care of those that cannot take care of themselves. Brother Patrick Lubrano from Coronado Council 3268 has done just that. He was driving through Denver and saw a person living on the street and who looked cold. Brother Lubrano had a blanket in his car, so he gave it to the homeless man. He has since started a project of filling his car with blankets and handing them out to the homeless. STATE TEAM Jon Herskovits Marc Solome Jason Pasionek Chris Foley Andy Wheaton Mark Germann Stephen Sweeney Knights Call is a publication of the State of Colorado Knights of Columbus all rights are reserved.

This Sir Knight’s simple act of kindness has turned into a nation-wide story. During the Supreme Convention, Patrick Kelly, our Supreme Knight, specifically made mention of Brother Lubrano’s efforts. Before that, it was featured in Columbia Magazine. I have even received a call from a Knight in New York who wants to donate to this cause. This simple act of kindness has inspired so many around our order. What program can your council do to make a difference in your community? Our programs reinforce the brand of the Knights of Columbus. We are known worldwide as a group of men willing to be there when and where they are most needed. It is time to step up and lead our communities back to church. It is time to “Do all you can, leave the rest to God.”

Vivat Jesus, Jon Herskovits Colorado State Deputy

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