Knight's Vision August 2021

Posted on September 03, 2021 in: Montana Newsletter

Knight's Vision August 2021

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From the State Deputy

The end of Q1 is upon us this September. A way to go to finish the year but it is never too late to get started on making our goals (Council Forms and membership quotas)! Many of you have taken the first two months off because it is summer.

Delaying inviting new men into the Knights and delaying in helping your parish with a COVID Recovery Plan. Let’s not delay any further! With that said I will extend the Corn Hole the COVID incentive until the end of September. I only know of two small councils that have organized and conducted this incentive. I know of at least two large councils that could easily adapt this program into their usual corn hole contests. Please let me know if you need any information on the Supreme COVID Recovery Plan or the Corn Hole the COVID incentive offered to you by the State Council.

Speaking of forms, we are still in need of 185’s (Officers chosen) from at least half the councils. PLEASE turn them into us and Supreme. The extended deadline for 365’s (Service Program personnel) is September 1st. These are very important forms so that the structure of your council can mesh well with the State Council and Supreme as far as communication.

I look forward to closing out Q1 with better participation in all aspects of the Knights from all of you. Please don’t hesitate to send pictures and stories of your activities to the State Secretary, Program Directors, District Deputies or myself! I know there are a lot of picnics, barbecues and golf tournaments going on and I’d love to see the results!

Also, looking forward, start planning Coats for Kids, food drives, soccer and basketball shoots! Always make plans for council and family prayer hours. Tootsie Roll Drives can proceed! Another thought is if you have kids attending college away from home, contact the local council of that college site so they can let the student know we are always here to help!

-Dan Hallsten, State Deputy

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