Cowboy Bulletin November 2021

Posted on November 11, 2021 in: Wyoming Cowboy Bulletin

Cowboy Bulletin November 2021

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From Your State Deputy
What Does “Covid Recovery” Mean?

Many of you know that the annual Mass attendance counts in Wyoming’s churches are taken on the first two Sundays of October. Last month, my pastor and I discussed those counts soon afterward and I received an education that made me re-think my assumptions about a “recovery.”

I learned that the number of worshippers at Mass were down, and by more than I expected. My pastor believes it’s parishioners who have become attached to the comfort of viewing an on-line Mass from home. Surprisingly, however, some who rarely attended Sunday Mass be-fore COVID have now come back. Likewise, some parishioners who had never been active in Parish ministries before COVID are now joining them. There’s also strong interest in RCIA, with more parishioners volunteering. Bottom line: The parish has undergone changes be-yond Mass numbers.

That was not my understanding of a “recovery” last year--before we had vaccinations, vari-ants, breakthrough infections and another wave of crowded hospitals. It’s closer to an uncer-tain and evolving new normal.

The “Covid Recovery Program” doesn’t say what constitutes a “recovery.” Rather, it sets out a process for getting a council active and successful. If your council is not as active or its pro-grams not as successful as you’d like, I hope you’ll visit with your pastor about the current state of the parish and get his suggestions for programs. You may get an education just as I did. (For example, you may learn that RSVP breakfasts are less successful with many of the usual attendees at home in their PJs watching streamed Masses.) With your pastor’s advice, put your heads together and study new program possibilities or creative modifications to fa-miliar ones.

Your District Deputy and the State Program Director, Rod Birkle, will be glad to help with ide-as. You can reach Rod at ...

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